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We are talented IT professionals with expertise in directing the creation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 tools and steering the execution of CRM initiatives.


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Our Mission  

We are a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consulting company with the mission to work in dedicated partnership with our clients in the creation and development of CRM software initiatives. We want to help each business to boost productivity resulting in greater understanding of their customers and meet their goals.  

Our Story 

Back in 2013, we started a company with a vision to build a software and business consultancy for foundations and non-profit organizations. We believe in going beyond our corporate social responsibilities,our goal was simple- to be able to deliver exceptional CRM solutions to foundations and Non-profit organizations with the same technology we provide our corporate clients.

We want to bring to life the concept of good corporate citizenship not only by supporting these communities but to bean integral part of how they operate and run their organizations. Over the years our business grew from supporting foundations to other verticals type of business and we want to continually grow as a visionary technology solutions company in the hopes of making more than a difference.

What We Do 

We are Information Technology consultants with a primary mission to cultivate dedicated partnership with clients. Our consultants will help your business achieve its full potential through technology with the use of Microsoft’s software. 



What Drives Us  

Customer Focus 

See you happy or making a difference in you company is what drives us. We make every effort to provide consistent Customer Satisfaction. Also, we want to be a great contributor to the overall success of their business. 

Collaboration / teamwork 

We value the importance of every member of the team. So, we collaborate to take full advantage of our shared knowledge and bring greater value to one another and most importantly, to our clients. Every solution that we provide is the result of the collective ideas and inputs of each team member. Because we believe that collaboration will offer an excellent solution. 


We recognize that building a long-term relationship with our customers is very necessary. We will be your partner in reaching business goals and objectives.  


We believe that adherence to the utmost moral and ethical principles of personal and business conduct will allow us to make well-thought-out decisions. Honesty and trust are fundamental to integrity. 

Above and Beyond 

We always do more than what is required. Our service does not end after we designed and created the software. We initiate reaching out to our customers to see if there’s anything we can do to increase their company’s productivity. 


Why Choose Us

Because IT Architects, Inc. CARES!

IT Architects Inc

Create and Develop

We care about the effectiveness of the CRM initiatives. We can provide solutions that will allow you to maximize the use of CRM potential with affordable service offerings.
IT Architects Inc


We care about your goals. We can turn your unorganized data into a structure that will be useful in making your business decisions. We can integrate your current Microsoft Office Tools to increase your business productivity.
IT Architects Inc


We care about your understanding and implementation. We can offer thorough training for you to understand the functions and applications of the service.
IT Architects Inc

Customer Support

We care about YOU! We provide dedicated customer support that will take care of your concerns and will ultimately be your partner to success.


Looking for the right CRM solution for your business is never easy. You have to consider a lot and one of which is the right technology partner. We at IT Architects, Inc. specialize in partnering with our customers in creating and developing IT solutions that focuses on their business needs using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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