What you need to know about Portals

The diverse functionalities of a CRM portal are not exclusive within the organization. First, it helps connects to your customers, maintain engagement with them thus, strengthening existing customer relationships and cultivating new ones. 

Now, technology affords us a lot of CRM software choices in the market. Since the needs of a business vary from one to the other, making the choice could be quite the challenge.  IT Architects will help you implement a CRM portal that is customized your organization’s needs with the use of Dynamics CRM Portals. 

Microsoft recently acquired Adxstudio Portals, a web portal provider to help extend Dynamics CRM to the web with powerful, easy-to-build, self-service portals for retail, government, vendors, partners, conferences, etc. This native portal feature is used for the sales, marketing, and customer service modules of Dynamics 365.  




Overall, what does this mean for your business? 


If  you are considering taking on an efficient CRM for your new business or if  thinking about migrating your existing CRM to Dynamics 365, consider these benefits:


  • Access various information from across the organization and view it in one place     
  • Customized dashboard   
  • Allow users to access information through self- service   
  • Customize accessibility of information depending on the user type   
  • Opens more sales opportunities   
  • Provide satisfaction to your customers, partners through a positive user experience


Types of Dynamics CRM Portals  

  • Customer Self-Service and Employee Self-Service 
  • Community Portal 
  • Partner Portal 
  • Field Service and Project Service Automation 
  • Custom Portal 


These examples are just a sneak peek of how we can tailor fit Dynamics CRM portals to your business needs. Nevertheless, despite the limitations, this is as awesome as it gets. Functionality and work automation make business decisions done faster and workflow is efficient as ever.

Finally, keeping up with the age of digital transformation with the use of portals has evolved over the years. However, for end-users what matters is the recapitulating bespoke customer experience as well as being able to access and manage information as efficient and as secure as possible.


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