Grant Management Solutions For Foundations

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April 12, 2018
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How to choose the right CRM for your business
May 14, 2018
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Grant Management Solutions For Foundations

Grant Management Software

Is it time for your foundation to employ an efficient grant management system? Have you been managing multiple Excel sheets to track grant applications, approvals? Have you been juggling the process of managing grantees, budgets, not to mention responding to emails, etc.? The list goes on and on. If so, then it’s about time for your foundation to adopt the perfect grant management software there is. And Microsoft has created this software solution.

The digital transformation trend has led businesses to push automation to another level. Grant management software brings about solutions to streamline workflows efficiently. Furthermore, it optimizes the grant application process from start to finish.  Automating the process certainly leverages the ability to make time do more important matters rather than be tied up with repetitive administrative and other mundane tasks day in and day out.

User experience, simple but efficient system flows, and mobile accessibility is some of the factors to consider when looking around for grants management software. Here at ITA, we can make it possible for your organization. With the use of Dynamics 365 CRM, we help you accomplish your goals with an easy, customizable and extensible system.


What can you expect with our Grant Management System using Microsoft Dynamics 365? 

These are some examples of the functionalities that can help automate your grant management system. These functionalities are vital and should be readily accessible to both ends of the grant application process.


Grantee Portal

This is the first place that your public can learn about your programs, about the story of how your foundation started. This is where you want to introduce yourself, share your mission statement to tell the world what causes the support that drives you to your mission.

You can also include photos, reports, charts, and graphs to showcase your what geographies have you had an impact on, your client list and what causes/ missions have you taken part of.


Eligibility Rules and Application process


This can be just a straightforward page where applicants determine their Eligibility.  From a geography list to the steps needed for the application process. You can include accessible forms, contact information and basically, general information of how the grant process takes place.

Online Applications

An applicant’s first step in the grant application journey is an online application. Online forms and other attachment documents needed should be available and your portal can save data right then and there.



Automated Workflows

Streamline the entire grant application and approval cycle with automated workflows that are fast, simple and enables you to focus on trying to get the grant approved rather than pushing paperwork around the place.



Payment Requests

Grantees can submit payment requests based on grant activities. Status reports may be included in the requests as the financial part of the process is also integrated into the grant application process.



Post Award Reports

Allows grantees to submit reports, upload documents pertaining to budgets spent, receipts, status reports and other documentation related to the approved grant.


Data Migration 

This capability allows you to clean up your historical data and allows to you clean up your old date for a more efficient reporting.




Have the ability to integrate other existing systems, such as your financial management system. We can help you do this by the use of integration products such as Scribe.



Deployment options

 You can choose how to deploy your solution to what suits you best. You can deploy it on premise at the office, in the Microsoft Cloud or choose a hosting facility. It’s your choice – the difference in these deployment types can affect subscription and licensing costs.





We want to help you make a difference

Indeed, the feeling that how your foundation can provide a deeper impact on your community is truly satisfying. Mainly if you leverage Microsoft technology to achieve your goals from both ends of the grant process spectrum. And of course, ITA is here for you every step of the way.






Contact us today so we can discuss what your organization requires in a CRM and to schedule a demo of Microsoft Dynamics 365.













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