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  What is Advanced Find and How to Use it?    


Advanced Find is a powerful search tool within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM that helps to narrow down data based on filters specified by the user. Since Microsoft Dynamics 365 data is stored on the SQL server,  data volume increases and once it does, it becomes more time consuming to search specific information needed right away.  

One of the major benefits of this tool is that it can help in generating reports in the most efficient and easiest way possible. A key thing to take note of when using this feature is that it only applies to your profile which means you will be the only one who can view what your security profile privileges allow.  


There are two ways to locate Advanced Find



  1. Go to Advanced Find.  







2. Click on Edit Columns






3. Click on Configure Sorting.





 4. Select the Columns to sort to your preference and Click OK.  




5. Click Results to view your sorted data.   






There are many ways to use sorted data as a result of the Advanced Find. First, it enables you to Save a personalized view that also allows you to share with other users. Second, it also enables the capability of exporting sorted data to Excel. This is useful in sharing information to users outside the organization. Lastly, external users can view and edit the spreadsheets once it is opened.

And while this is as simple and straightforward as it can be, take note that Advanced Find makes you more efficient, organized and ready especially for impromptu views, generates data for charts, create complex filters as well as create, delete and assign records.

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