Integrating applications = Efficiency!

Some of our favorites

Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrations, Microsoft CRM, Scribe Online, Scribe Insight,  APIs, E-commerce, Dynamics GP, Kentico and Sitecore to name a few of our favorite tools and integrations.

Why integrate?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM integrations can be critical in order to remain competitive in an industry as well as the growth and efficiency of your organization. If done properly Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrations can centralize the data you use and keep you from jumping from application to application. Problems are solved and changes are made with a few clicks rather than visiting multiple applications. Furthermore, it streamlines the collection of the key performance indicator data. If the collected data is used correctly it can be a great help to better your decision making. All in all, integration simplifies the process and makes it easy to manage.



How to integrate?


There are plenty of software solutions in the market to choose from that will help your organization to improve its productivity. We specialize in”

  • Scribe Insight and Scribe Online integrations
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft GP
  • SharePoint
  • Content management systems
  • Websites
  • eCommerce
  • and many more…

However, deciding on what data to integrate can be a difficult problem to solve. From your e-commerce site to your CRM to your ERP system and back again. It can be overwhelming for an organization not to mention where do you start? Worst yet it can be a nightmare if the organization does not have any IT background. Also, we know that one of the factors that hinder the organization is visibility to data across multiple platforms. For instance, maybe you need to see who is opening your newsletters in Microsoft CRM or you want to allow you Account Rep’s to see what clients are late on their invoice from Microsoft GP. A common question organizations like to see in Dynamics 365 is who is sharing things about our company in social media. This can be accomplished by integrating with applications like Facebook or LinkedIn.



We can help!

However, with the help of our Microsoft CRM Integration Builders, those uncertainties can be eliminated. Just provide us your needs and we will take care of the rest. We can easily architect the data and quickly transform it, resulting in a faster integration deployment. We fully understand the importance of time or the lack thereof in every business. Helping you deploy faster and more accurately to speed up your ROI. For a free CRM consultation and to know more about our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Builders contact us.


Looking for the right CRM solution for your business is never easy. You have to consider a lot and one of which is the right technology partner. We at IT Architects, Inc. specialize in partnering with our customers in creating and developing IT solutions that focuses on their business needs using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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