Microsoft’s 365 Spring 2018 Updates

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April 3, 2018
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April 6, 2018
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Microsoft’s 365 Spring 2018 Updates


Intelligence and Digital Transformation


At the center of Microsoft 365 Spring 2018 Update is the Digital Feedback Loop, where they emphasize the use of data to move businesses forward to digital transformation and technology innovation.

The Spring update is the result of Microsoft’s focus on data and intelligence gathered from the digital feedback loop that has strengthened their capacity to further new capabilities for its customers.  Without a doubt, customers are more empowered to digitally transform their business.



Microsoft launched this wave of innovation across the entire product line with hundreds of new capabilities and features in three main areas: new business applications; new intelligent capabilities infused throughout; and transformational new application platform capabilities.



Three main areas of focus 

new business applications

new intelligence capabilities infused throughout

transformational new application platform capabilities

in addition

Deeper integrations with Office 365 applications including Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, Stream video, Azure, LinkedIn, and Bing.



So, what do all these updates this mean for users?


  • Unified and seamless integration of business applications across all business environments


  • Gain synergy from all other Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications such as with deeper integrations with Microsoft Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, Stream, Azure, and LinkedIn, Office 365 and Bing and a more advanced AI capability


  • Advanced platform beneath Dynamics 365 that combine Power BI, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft Stream, the Common Data Service for Apps, and the Common Data Service for Analytics into an unmatched set of tools to extend, customize, and integrate Dynamics 365 and Office 365 into your environment.



So, what else is new?

3 major additions in the update that make Dynamics 365 even more awesome


  • Dynamics 365 for Marketing


An entirely new component of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Application. This will empower your marketing team to create engaging customer emails, landing pages, web forms, and manage in-person and online events. They can also create Multi-channel campaigns with personalized Customer Journeys.   







  • Dynamics 365 for Sales Professionals

   An easy setup experience including light customer support using case management and marketing.







  • Dynamics App for Outlook

 Anything you can do in the new Unified Interface, you can do in the Dynamics App for Outlook. What makes it so much better than the old version of the add-in is that it is configured once in CRM, and it is available to all who use Server-Side Sync for email tacking. 




  • PowerApps, CDS for Apps and PowerBI Apps (This service is in preview and should be released in Fall 2018)

” The continued appification and componentization of Dynamics 365. Common Data Service for Apps is an evolution of CDS which allows developers (And non-developers) to build stand-alone applications that access and update Dynamics 365 data.

Customization of Dynamics 365 is moving to the CDS app and we can expect to see continued refinement around these areas. Also launching soon are Power BI Insights apps. These apps are tailored to the needs of different departments or functions and tap into Dynamics 365 as well as third-party data.

The first of the apps will be for Sales and for Service. These apps will be embedded in Dynamics 365 and enable users to generate analyses of customer relationships, translated as a score that is calculated from transactions, customer sentiment and client interactions.

These apps will be extensible so that Dynamics 365 users will be able to build their own models.” 




There is no doubt that Microsoft Dynamics 365 has surpassed everyone’s expectations since its release and continues to deliver new features and capabilities for all customers, partners, and businesses, big and small.  With this new release, the journey to digital transformation has never been made easier.


Download the Spring ’18 Release Updates here: 

BusinessApps_ReleaseNotes_v18.1.1 (1)

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Accelerating digital transformation with the spring 2018 release for Dynamics 365 and Business Application Platform



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