What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft CRM Consulting & Integrations

We’re proud to be Kansas City’s top Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting & integrations firm. Because of our commitment, we’ve helped our customers through many versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and now Microsoft Dynamics 365. We provide business and technology consulting services, including deployment, integration, migration, training, support, project management, as well as custom development.

Integration Help?

First, if you’re here, your business probably needs Microsoft CRM consulting or integration help. Rest assured you have found the right place. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is very flexible in allowing you to integrate with other systems.

One of Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM biggest benefit is its integration capability. Because of its integration capability you can access all your business information using one tool. This is a more powerful and efficient way for your team to work. It makes it easy to integrate and we can make sure it’s done properly.

  • Our Microsoft CRM consultants can help you define your CRM integration in just a few steps
  • Do you need a real-time integration to Dynamics 365 or on a timed basis? This is a big question for users and server resources in many cases.
  • You need certified Microsoft CRM consulting services to conduct your integration development which is different from other development companies. To use an example, it’s important to realize you wouldn’t allow you plumber to put a roof on your home.


Why Dynamics 365? 

Because Microsoft CRM has been re-branded by Microsoft to Microsoft Dynamics 365 it now includes CRM and ERP functionality in one application. Don’t worry we are able to help with both Microsoft CRM consulting or Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting.

It is especially relevant to know Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite is available in two editions namely Business and Enterprise. Each edition has different levels and features a few examples are listed below.

Dynamics 365 apps



Field Service

Project Service Automation



Customer Service

Microsoft Portals

API’s for Integrations with Microsoft CRM


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consulting Services 

Overall Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an amazing product. In fact, it’s the best innovation in Microsoft Dynamics yet.  To emphasize our team is highly qualified in Microsoft CRM consulting and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting & Integrations and ready to reach your goals. In conclusion we’ll care for the roll-out of your CRM integration, CRM migration, CRM education, and CRM customization as part of our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consulting services. For a free consultation and further information, contact us.

Regardless of your industry, let our experts assist you. If you would like more information about how our Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants can help your organization, visit our website:

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Looking for the right CRM solution for your business is never easy. You have to consider a lot and one of which is the right technology partner. We at IT Architects, Inc. specialize in partnering with our customers in creating and developing IT solutions that focuses on their business needs using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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