Dynamics 365 CRM and Non-Profits: A Love Affair
February 14, 2018
February 24, 2018
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For a Better World: The Impact of Microsoft Dynamics 365 on Non-profit organizations

Non Profit or Not for Profit Dynamics 365

“It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.” ~ Tom Brokaw  

One of the goals of a foundation, Not for Profit or Non-Profit organizations is to achieve a mission or cause. That is why a CRM like Dynamics 365 comes up as the best solution to help achieve these goals. 

For this purpose, fighting world hunger or finding a cure for cancer is the driving force behind the passion to do good and for the greater good of others.

Profit-based organizations have a primary goal of making money. In contrast, Non-Profit companies solely rely on donations to exist while foundations use their endowment.  This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 help you further your cause by measuring the reach of these dollars with a CRM  that is critical to decision making. 

IT Architects, Inc. (ITA) is committed to partner with foundations or Not for Profit organizations to achieve their goals by providing solutions tailored to each unique need. We believe in the partnership or collaborative effort, and support to make sure your systems run efficiently.

Watch this video  know how Microsoft Dynamics CRM has made a world of difference  to Non-Profits:


Not for Profit Organizations, have unique processes that pose some challenges in creating an ideal CRM environment as their requirements differ depending on the organization needs.

IT Architects, Inc. (ITA) rises to those challenges by offering innovative solutions by collaborating, help identify and customize needs down to a T.  These solutions provide the capability of formulating strategies for sustainable growth.


What makes Microsoft Dynamics 365 standout from the rest and why should it be the best choice for your organization?


Task Automation

Not for Profit organizations mostly run with limited staff.  The seamless integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Microsoft Office Suite allows the user to sync emails, meetings, phone calls and campaigns and cross-reference activities all in one system. Donors come to feel the kind of “customer-service oriented” approach (in this case – Constituent service-oriented approach) where they can feel more valued- an engagement which encourages donor retention.

Donor, Contribution, Volunteer Tracking

The success of fundraising and charity events rely profoundly on Donor and Volunteer tracking. This allows users to organize, filter and centralize information. Hence, it helps to identify customer needs, pledge opportunities, and develop strategies to generate contributions.

Easy customization options for each component allows a single view for each profile. For example, the Auto-Synch feature allows users visibility for projects from start to finish. Furthermore, it allows users to track volunteer feedback, profiles, and their schedules, track donor profiles as well as contribution summary.

Grant Management

For Not for Profit organizations award grants to individuals, businesses or agencies, ITA provides the option of adding an accelerator like Dynamics 365 Grant Management Solution. This streamlines the grant process from start to finish.  Microsoft Dynamics AX generates a financial back-end process, at the same time, authorization of funding sources and as the processing of payment requests from Microsoft Grants Manager Plus.


Cost is everything to Not for Profit organizations. To do less with more is a basic premise since charitable institutions rely on donations. For this reason, Not for Profit organizations benefit from affordable pricing plans based on the eligibility, as well as software donations and upgrade discounts.

Ease of access

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be deployed as a cloud-based solution for easy access especially to those in field service. Data is available anytime and anywhere so decisions are made easily onsite and offsite.

This type of CRM solutions does not require a lot of IT support.  IT Architects, Inc. (ITA)   offers online support from CRM experts at competitive rates when you and as you need it. Moreover, a dedicated team of consultants will help you make sure that your systems deliver optimum results.


The passion and drive in making a  difference is not only limited to the mission-driven people behind these charitable institution. For this reason, it is main our initiative to help Not for Profit organizations thrive and sustain the business of doing good deeds.


Let our experts assist you. If you would like more information about how CRM can help your not-for-profit, visit our website: or email us: / or you may call tel:+1(816)607-1569 / Kansas City, MO

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