Dynamics 365 CRM and Non-Profits: A Love Affair

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January 12, 2018
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Dynamics 365 CRM and Non-Profits: A Love Affair



Love is in the air!

And to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, we want to share with you more than the usual bouquet of red roses and heart-shaped candy.

Yes, saying I love you can also be about changing lives for the better and the passion that fuels these initiatives are companies like IT Architects, Inc. and Microsoft who build and customize CRM for Non-Profits and foundations.

And in keeping with the love theme, we want to talk about why Dynamics 365 CRM and Non-Profits are in this awesome love affair.



Here are a few reasons why they are perfect for each other



Low Cost

Microsoft is definitely the winner when it comes to reducing cost for Non Profits. It stepped up to its long-standing tradition of providing eligible non-profits free or heftily discounted software applications and licenses. Now isnt’ that  a great first step to a lasting love affair between these two? To have low cost and high-quality software is an offer that Nonprofit organizations would find hard to resist.


Seamless Integration

Standalone solutions like Dynamics AX, NAC and CRM are now integrated into a streamlined application platform giving your business to do endless transformation possibilities. Not only can it bring all your departments together, it will give your organization the ability to bring everyone in to one system. Also, Non-profits need a complete view on their environment, relationships, members, volunteers, donations and contacts. By doing so, charity fundraising is made efficient as it keeps supporter loyalty and volunteers engaged.


On Cloud Nine

The power of the Cloud allows users to store and access data anytime and anywhere.  Offsite workers and volunteers greatly benefit from this feature as they can get to access data wherever they are whether they are on whether by multiple mobile and tablet devices.
E-commerce and web platforms can be integrated with CRM as this will keep record of each type of supporter profile. Information about donations, membership and merchandise purchased can help paint a better picture of each supporter thus keeping volunteers, donors and beneficiaries on real time.


Social Engagement

The use of Microsoft Social Engagement to analyze trends in Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and YouTube to measure your trends and campaign results helps gain insights about your brand. Having a deep understanding of your social media interactions can prosper deeper and lasting relationships with your donors and volunteers. Undeniably, social media has a powerful impact to expand your organization’s networks.


Other features

Other awesome functionalities include grant tracking, Integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook, editable grids and customized dashboard and the list goes on. Combining all these gives your organization to leverage increase in donations and pledges and supporter loyalty.
Clearly,  Dynamics CRM 365 has won over the hearts of so many organizations in the  Non Profit realm. Indeed the perfect combination. That is why we can say that the love affair of these two entities is here to stay.




The passion and drive to make a difference is not only limited to the mission-driven people who are behind these charitable institutions. It also extends to companies like IT Architects, Inc. (ITA) whose initiative is to help the Not for Profit organizations to thrive and to be able to sustain the business of doing good deeds.

Let our experts assist you. If you would like more information about how CRM can help your not-for-profit, visit our website: http://itarchies.com/about/ or email us: info@itarchies.com / or you may call tel:+1(816)607-1569 / Kansas City, MO



Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Not-for-Profits Just Got Better!





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